Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get to know the Sockless Runner

About Me:

Greetings!  My name is Chas and I like to run…a lot.  But there will be plenty of running talk to come.  Outside of running, I am an elementary school teacher in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and I am a part-time musician who plays local bars and coffee shops near my home in the Lake Norman area and in nearby Charlotte.  Two years ago, before I started running in earnest, I was seventy-five pounds heavier and subject to most (legal) vices that cause one’s life to shorten.  After fifteen months of obsessive running and cross-training and unwavering support from my then fiancée, I acquired the highest level of physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness I had ever known.  For the past year or so, my running obsession has driven me to love racing and pursue increasingly lofty goals.

My Running:

After numerous adaptations to my form and style, and an equally numerous list of running shoe models, I have found my niche as a minimalist runner.  I run nearly all of my workouts in lightweight shoes with a heel-toe differential between 0-4mm (whereas conventional running shoes average a drop of 12mm).  Most of my running footwear is designed to be worn either with or without socks, so I opt to go sockless whenever possible—hence the handle of this blog.  Although I occasionally go running in completely bare feet, I would not consider myself a barefoot runner.  I am too much a fan of shoes!  Besides, on long runs exceeding 20 miles, I am known to wear shoes with some more conventional cushion.  My complete transition into minimal shoes remains a work in progress.

As far as my training, my area of focus is preparation for marathons and ultra marathons.  While I have only one marathon and one 50K ultra under my belt, I currently am registered for more of these long distance races in the near future.  Two of my intermediate goals are to finish a marathon under 3:30 and to complete an ultra of 50 miles or greater.  I still love to race half-marathons, 5K’s, and everything in between, but I often schedule these shorter races only when they conform to my training plans for the longer distance events.  I do most of my training on roads, but I love to hop on the trails whenever possible.

I am lucky to have found a really positive running club that has caused my progress as a runner to slingshot forward over the past several months.  The Davidson Area Running Team (DART) continues to be a big inspiration for me, and I enjoy contributing to their ranks both on and off the courses.  You may find some of my recaps appearing on the DART blog ( as well as here.

The Purpose of This Blog:

I love to teach.  I love to play, write, and record music.  I love to run.  I read whenever I can, but I also love to write, so I would be lying if I said this blog wasn’t at all self-serving.  That being said, I do not intend this blog to be a virtual trophy case for me to boast my own personal achievements.  Rather, I want this to be a place for me share successes, hardships, and discoveries with the rest of the running community in hopes to perpetuate an ongoing dialogue about training, racing, nutrition, and physical maintenance.  I also hope to provide entertainment as well as information.  I do not pretend to be a scientific authority in the realm of running, but like everyone else, I enjoy a good conversation among peers.

I look forward to posting race recaps, gear reviews, training epiphanies, nutritional input, and whatever comes to mind for your reading enjoyment.  Thanks for browsing, and keep running!

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